A sence of security that is proven and trusted…You should feel the first-class kyabakura at "Donfin" in Kabukicho. One of our largest kyabakuras consists of 150 square meters, situated in Kabuki-cho, and there are 100 kyabajo. Thre are special space like "Executive Room" and "Private Room". We are such a perfect kyabakura, so that can offer you the best service with your needs.



First Time Limited
60min 6,000 yen
* limit to new customers of no selection

60min 10,000yen for Customers who have new selection
(Tax/service included)
Set fee(Normal Room)
≡Main Room≡
20:00 ~ LAST (60min)
10,000 yen
Table charge (1 person)
2,000 yen
Selection fee
3,000 yen
In-hall selection fee
3,000 yen
Dating fee
2,000 yen
TAX / 8%
Service charge / 25%
Time extension fee
(30min)4,000 yen
Time extension method
Standard budget
15,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen
* for one hour with one specifically selected girl (per person)
Business hours

Accepted credit cards

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club

※fee system Available credit card is subject to change Because there is, please understand. In addition, there any questions or When you are, thank you for your confirmation to the shop.