What's kyabakura

KYABAKURA means an abbreviated name of “cabaret club”, an eating and drinking establishment where a customer can enjoy drinks with KYABAJO (as explained below).
※It is said that kyabakura is a derivative word of “cabaret club” which derives from the French word "cabaret" and the English word “club”.

Relax and enjoy talking Unlike a club with a disc jockey, KYABAKURA features a gorgeous interior and soft BGM and thereby enablea customer to relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation with KYABAJO in an elegant mood.

Drink with KYABAJO KYABAKURA has a time charge system, basically. A customer can choose his preferred KYABAJO and enjoy drinks and some fruits, sitting next to her on a sofa.

What's kyabajo

KYABAJO means an abbreviated name of KYABAKURA-JO, a girl who works at KYABAKURA.
※Kyabakura-jo may also be described as kyabajo, kyabajyo, or Japan hostess.

Hospitality professional KYABAJO, in many cases, has a service mindset to entertain her customer as much as possible with pleasant talks in tune with him and a customer can experience the spirit of a Japanese hospitality “omotenashi”.

Idle to meet!? KYABAJO varies in age from young girls to ladies, depending on each KYABAKURA.
In addition, many KYABAJO are active as a model, which means that they are at a high standard.