What is girls selection fee(SIMEI RYOU), and in-hall selection fee(JOUNAI SIMEI RYOU)?
The "selection fee" is a fee for paid for specific girl in a particular Kyabakura prior to enter.
If you have made your selection, she will serve and entertain you on a priority basis.
If the selection fee is omitted, the girls entertaining you will rotate periodically.
The "in-hall selection fee is a fee paid for the service and entertament of a girl who specifically interests you.
What is "time extention method" ?
Basically Kyabakura is charge for time. If you'd like to extend your time beyond the "Basic charge", there are two method:

1) CALL system (by notice system)
Kyabakura staff will ask you if you'd like to extend your time when your time has finished.

2) Automatic extension
No notice will be given from staff of time finished, instead a charge will be applied automatically according to the amount of time.

* Extention charge differ among Kyabakura
* It's best to confirm with staff upon entry whether you'd like the 'CALL" or "Automatic" method