Fourty Five 45

The most famous kyabajo in Japan "Emiri Aizawa" is here!! If you want to have a wonderful night in Kabukicho, you should visit "Fourty Five". You can enjoy the time with beautiful kyabajo with high quality service in a gorgeous atmosphere where having a brilliant chandelier.



First Time Limited
1set 6,000 yen(Tax included)
Set fee(Normal Room)
20:00~20:59 8,000 yen
21:00~LAST 8,500 yen
Selection fee
3,000 yen
In-hall selection fee
3,000 yen
Dating fee
3,000 yen
Main Room / 28%
VIP Room / 35%
Time extension fee
Main Room / 30min 4,000 yen
VIP Room / 30min 5,000 yen
Time extension method
Automatic extension system
Standard budget
13,000 yen ~ 17,500 yen
Business hours

Accepted credit cards

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club

※fee system Available credit card is subject to change Because there is, please understand. In addition, there any questions or When you are, thank you for your confirmation to the shop.